Graduate Support Programme

Fundamental tools to further your career.

We offer a complimentary initial 20 to 30 minutes discussion to ensure you feel the programme is appropriate. This includes sharing take-away actions for you to implement immediately, without any commitment to proceed.

This Programme covers:

CV review, coaching & advice.

  • Analyse your current CV.
  • Discuss positives & development points.
  • Share latest market thinking on Top 5% CV requirements.
  • Coach on developing your CV in line with Top 5% CV status.
  • Provide format structure.
  • Share Example CV.

Interview preparation.

  • How to prepare.
  • Key questions employers ask.
  • Structure to answer question.
  • Questions for you to ask & their importance.
  • Video interviews.
  • Advice for on the day.

Personal Evaluation to enhance your offering.

  • Personality profiling with recruitment specific analysis via McQuaig.
  • Provides information on the likely questions you will be asked if a psychometric evaluation is required.
  • Around 75% of FTSE 100 Companies use psychometric tests. With more firms using them it is increasingly likely you will encounter one.
  • The 30-page report also includes details on your strengths, development areas, leadership style & the ideal environment for your next role.
  • Demonstrates your appreciation of self-analysis & emotional intelligence.

The Programme provides.

  • 2 X 60 minutes individual coaching.
  • 2 hours review of documents by Joe Lawless.
  • Proven Job Search fundamentals to us