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27 July 2020

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So, you think it’s time to embark upon your next career challenge, only you’re feeling a little out of sync with today’s wonderful world of job seeking – not to worry! We’ve compiled some handy notes for your job seeking to-do list to point you in the right direction.  (as well as a few things that we think you should scrub off of that list altogether).

Over time, we’ve experienced some critical yet completely avoidable mistakes made by candidates seeking new career opportunities, some of which have prevented them from securing jobs that they were actually well-fitted for. From the moment you begin searching, it’s important to be ready and so here’s what we believe you should consider before taking that leap:


  • Update your CV -  You’d be surprised how many people begin applying for positions with an out-of-date CV. This is your chance to get recruitment and HR personnel to want to meet you, so make sure it does both your skills and experience justice.

  • Create a presence online – LinkedIn profiles are great and a lot of people working in recruitment will like to see if you’re active on such sites, whether you have any recommendations or endorsements, or even browse through work portfolios. Similar to your CV, it’s important to keep online profiles updated too.

  • Get in touch with a specialist recruiter – Whether you’ve established a relationship with a specialist recruiter or not, approaching a recruiter will simplify the process for you. Let them know the type of role you’re looking for. Specialist recruiters know their industry inside-out and can let you know when relevant positions crop up. They can advise you on how to make the best impression in an interview or how to alter your CV to make it more attractive to businesses that you’d like to become a part of.  

  • Seek all avenues – From recruiter’s websites and job boards, through to social media sites, there’s so many roads to go down when looking for new opportunities that tick all of your boxes.

  • Stay committed to your current employer – It’s important to stay focused and committed within your current role, even if you’re looking to make that move. Remember, you still have a function to serve and you want to leave professionally and on very good terms. We also recommend trying your best to setup meetings and/interviews outside of your normal working hours to avoid become distracted and to lessen the stresses of having to make up excuses for disappearing early.


  • Apply too hastily – Some job seekers apply for masses of jobs simply based on their title. Read the entire job description first and make sure that it’s right for you. Make sure the location is suitable, the salary is within an ideal bracket and that you have the necessary skills and experience that they’re asking for.

  • Apply for every job going – It’s quality, not quantity. Applying for 100’s of random jobs on Reed isn’t going to land you in your dream role.

  • Be put off if you’re not successful – As one door closes, another will open. That’s what we believe. Don’t let a mere “unfortunately you’ve not been successful” put you off. Instead, you can learn from it and let it encourage you to persevere, the right job will come along in good time.

  • Blag the interview – Your interview is your time to shine and make an impression so it’s critical that you prepare beforehand. Don’t try to wing it, that never works and interviewers can tell immediately if you haven’t done your prep!

We hope the above is helpful to you in your search for a new challenge. For more helpful tips, keep checking in on our blog – we’ll help you secure that dream job.

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