Ineffective onboarding…It’ll cost you!

21 November 2019

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After investing a great deal of time, effort and money, you’ve finally found the perfect candidate to join your organisation – but, let’s be honest, can you admit to investing the same efforts when it comes to actually welcoming and inducting new starters into your world of business?

Many companies appear to be overlooking the importance of strategic onboarding and are therefore having to pay a pretty hefty price as a consequence. According to a recent survey from PwC, 22% of new starters within the UK leave during their first 6 weeks due to poor onboarding practices, with 1 in 3 leaving within their first year.

As experts in this field, we offer guidance and support to our clients in formulating a successful onboarding strategy that will encourage new employees to feel valued, engaged, motivated and equipped from the moment the interview stage kicks off, because that’s where this process really begins.

Here are some pointers:

  • Spend quality time with your new employee during their first few weeks. It’s quite surprising how many employers spend as little as an hour with a new starter before they immediately show them to their desk and expect them to begin churning away at the PC. You really want your new starter to get a good feel of what the company is about, it’s values, the culture, their objectives for the first quarter and so forth. So spend time setting the scene.
  • Maintain a close relationship. Set placeholders within your diary to catch-up with your new employee on a regular basis, to ask how they’re getting on and to gain an understanding of any issues or worries that they may be facing. Identifying problems earlier on will mean they can be rectified before your employee decides to take drastic action.
  • Be ready. Have their workstation, computer, email, phone, notepad, badge and whatever else they might need, all setup and ready for their arrival, even though they won’t be using it all straight away. This will say a lot to your employee in terms of how organised and prepared the business is. This also means that when you have to step into an important meeting, your new starter isn’t left to fend for themselves and look a little awkward wandering around the office. Instead, they can begin to organise themselves, ready to take on their first task.
  • Invite them to lunch. Perfect in terms of breaking the ice, introducing them to other team members and just generally getting to know one another as colleagues. This often encourages employees to feel very positive and optimistic about their new role and career ahead.

These are just a few suggestions as to how to effectively welcome a new employee to your organisation however if you’re looking for more in-depth guidance on developing a clear and thorough onboarding strategy, get in touch - We’d be more than happy to help.

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