Ever conducted an employee engagement survey?

28 March 2017

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According to Engage for Success, employee engagement within the UK is suffering. In fact, the organisation revealed the findings of a survey, indicating only a third of UK employees to be engaged - placing the UK in ninth position of the world’s twelve largest economies. 

What can we be doing to drive engagement?

Employers across the country continue to trial techniques in the hopes of ramping up employee engagement - but which techniques have proven to be successful? Of course low levels of employee engagement isn’t something that can be fixed overnight and as with any problem, finding the route of the cause is often the best starting point.

Employee feedback

Employee engagement surveys can provide great insight into the opinions of employees. Distributing a survey amongst the office isn’t going to provide a quick fix to disengagement in the office, but it is going to give you a good understanding of areas that may require a bit of improvement. Employee feedback, particularly when it's anonymous, can be very beneficial, helping to implement the best changes throughout the workplace. 

What questions should we be asking? 

Generally speaking, when trying to get a feel for the morale in the workplace, you’ll want to ask your staff how satisfied they are at work. Often, feeling appreciated and valued comes under this umbrella, and whether or not they feel the’ve been recognised for their achievements thus far. 

Another thing to touch upon would be work-life balance. If a heavy work load is interfering with an employees personal life, it could be a cause for concern. 

Another hot topic is of course progression. Do your employees believe there’s room to progress their career within your organisation? If they feel they’ve already maxed their potential, this could also hinder their productivity. 

What about culture? Would they say there’s a positive or negative vibe in the office? Asking whether they feel the company practices it’s apparent values is often a good starting point. 

Act on the results

The biggest mistake that employers make when carrying out employee feedback surveys is not acting upon the results. Simply conducting the survey isn’t going to ramp up the productivity in your workplace, but listening to what your employees have to say and showing your dedicating to righting the wrongs that are voiced, will show that as a business, you take workplace satisfaction very seriously and are committed to supporting your fellow co-workers. 

If you’ve never carried out an employee engagement survey before, now could be a great time to start - even if you wouldn't say morale or engagement is a concern within your business. There are plenty of tools out their available for you to use - for a free option, try SurveyMonkey. 

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