To promote internally or hire externally

24 February 2017

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As any business manager would probably agree, it only takes one bad hire to disrupt a team’s focus and productivity which can often put a whole lot of pressure on the overall hiring process and trying to find the best fit for the business, it’s values and goals. 

In a few recent blog articles, we’ve discussed how to source the best candidates for your growing organisation, how to conduct a great interview and even how to effectively onboard new talent. But one question a lot of hiring managers and team leaders often ask is whether it makes more sense to fill a position internally or whether to hire from the external market.
The answer to that question is of course - it depends. While both options have their advantages, promoting from within can only be done if you have the required skills, experience and ability in house. If you don’t, opening your doors to a bigger selection of talent may be just the answer. 
If this is something you’ve been wondering, we’ve noted some of the key advantages of both options which may help you with your decision making. 
Promoting Internally
If you have an existing employee that matches the description of the role you’re trying to fill, in terms of both knowledge, experience and skill set, promoting that employee will send a great message to all employees within your entire organisation and also future employees hoping to join. Why? Because this shows your commitment to their career progression. Promoting from within can also increase loyalty to your organisation, while also driving productivity as employees will believe you when you say you reward those who demonstrate their value to the business. 
Another advantage of internal promotion is that existing employees will of course already have a great understanding of your business and it’s people - so little training may be needed as opposed to hiring externally. 
Hiring Externally
If you’re not entirely convinced that promoting internally is an option, hiring external will give you access to a greater pool of talent that may benefit your business hugely. Bringing new talent to the table also means bringing new ideas, fresh perspectives and people with different experience’s under their belts which of course can set you apart from your competition. 
Yes, hiring externally means a more lengthy onboarding and training process, but the long term benefits meant for your team and entire organisation make it completely worthwhile. And while the thought of screening potential candidates may put you off, external recruitment agencies such as ourselves can make the process far simpler, quicker and more streamlined. 
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