Have you fully embraced the power of LinkedIn?

8 July 2020

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Not keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date? You could be missing a trick! Lots of recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers are using LinkedIn now more than ever to dig a little deeper into the type of professional that you are. So, if your profile doesn’t exactly sit true to your CV, or hasn’t been updated since 2018 – we highly recommend setting some time aside to update it.

More than just an online CV

LinkedIn is a great place to list your many roles and years of experience, but it’s so much more than that. From recommendations and endorsements through to real work samples, it is a powerful tool to really showcase your career in a live format, including the skills you have to offer to a potential employer. That’s not to say that a LinkedIn profile should completely replace the standard CV, if anything, it should complement it.

A place for hiring managers to do some research

Say for example, a hiring manager is impressed by your CV but then decides to do a quick search for you on LinkedIn. If your profile is up-to-date, packed with recommendations from previous employers and colleagues singing your praises and even has samples of work that you have produced or articles that you have written, no doubt the hiring manager will be even more impressed and likely to invite you in for an interview. An updated LinkedIn profile is even more significant for individuals who actually work in marketing and list social media marketing as one of their skill sets!

The perfect place for networking

Even if you’re not looking to change jobs anytime soon, you should still be looking to update your profile with any new skills that you’ve acquired in your current role – it will make life a lot easier should you be looking for a promotion or job change in the long run. But we also highly recommend getting involved in discussions and liking and commenting on topics relating to your field or industry – why? As a professional online network, this can work wonders for your career simply by increasing your exposure and showing you have a genuine interest and passion for a particular subject. You never know who might stumble a comment that you wrote or an article that you published!

Our top tips?

  • Update your LinkedIn profile monthly, at the very least
  • Keep it professional, don’t share anything that might harm your career
  • Ask previous employers and/or colleagues for recommendations
  • Be sure that your CV and LinkedIn profiles are both in sync
  • Add a portfolio of work to your profile, only if it’s relevant of course
  • Ensure you add your new skillsets as you go, someone may just endorse you
  • Publish great content that will increase your exposure to the rest of your industry
  • Get involved in other discussions
  • Connect with every new business contact you meet


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