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9 August 2016

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Feel like you’re ready for a promotion? Do you consistently deliver? Do you go above and beyond in your role and now feel you’re ready for the next step? If you’ve started to get that promotional itch and feel you deserve to move up the ladder, you’ll need to take some actions to demonstrate this and prove to your peers that you have the emotional intelligence, capabilities and belief to take on the role and deliver!

To help, we’ve compiled a series of top tips that will help you to illustrate your ambition and get you moving on up in no time at all...

Express your ambitions

To be confident in your career, you need to know what you want and ask for it. Let your peers know what your aspirations are in your 1-2-1 progression meetings. Volunteer for tasks and projects, this is a great way to raise your profile and get you noticed and will show how proactive and driven you are in your work and ambition. Research how the promotional ladder process works in the workplace and get as much information and knowledge as possible about how to progress. Then take the necessary steps to expand your knowledge and skill sets for the role.

Know yourself and your best qualities and implement them in all your daily tasks. This will not go unnoticed. Demonstrate your initiative and desire to grow and be indispensable. Proactively ask for feedback, this will be constructive and helpful but remember you have to accept good and bad comments and learn from them.

Show your peers that you are good at your job, put yourself forward and be proactive. Find some role models, mentors in the business and build mentoring relationships with them. Let them guide you in your ambitions and aspirations. Listen to their successes and failures and take on board any advice or feedback that they can give you. It is invaluable!

Invest in yourself

Be clear on what you need to do differently in the next role and understand what you have to do to make that all important step. Seek out training, coaching, mentoring wherever you need it. At SFR, we offer a range of value added services to our candidates – including coaching, which you may find beneficial for getting yourself ready for that next leap in your career!

If you think your knowledge needs enhancing to allow you to progress, then look at opportunities to learn. If you are confident in your professional knowledge but feel you lack management experience, look at courses that are available that will give you the skills needed. These will look fantastic on your CV. Work hard to improve with each project or task you get and show that you take your career development very seriously. 

Get networking

Go to networking events, either in your workplace or externally. Networking is a valuable use of your time and is so important. There are few better, beneficial ways to broaden your contact and knowledge base and get your name out there. You can get a wealth of knowledge and tips on your journey to promotion! It is the perfect opportunity to meet potential mentors who can steer you in the direction that you want to go. Get them talking about you, boast about your accomplishments, make a lasting impression.

Show you're a natural leader - Be inspirational and motivational

The most important aspect of being a great leader is having great communication skills to engage with others. Be clear and concise in your expectations and be their inspiration and motivation and set a great example.

To boost people, you need to listen to them, praise them, reward them, delegate, appreciate and believe in them. These are invaluable skills. Also, it’s important for any leader to be consistent in decision making and not to dither!

Show that you genuinely care about the development of the people you work with, by getting involved in recruiting and managing talent and succession planning. Recognise training issues and implement them. Be a mentor yourself to influence the next budding talent in the organisation.

Accept the unforeseen – anything can happen  

Things go wrong in the workplace – there’s no way you can predict the day, as much as we wish we could! Show you can adapt to change and unpredictable situations and try to be sensitive in difficult circumstances. Leaders are expected to solve disputes and manage change successfully and still deliver the results so simply demonstrating positivity, flexibility and focus on your key strengths and your peers, will encourage them to look up to you and appreciate you.

So, what are you waiting for? Set a deadline, believe in yourself, take action and go for it - Good luck!

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