The secret to lowering your staff turnover

29 July 2016

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Finding great employees that are a perfect match for your business is one thing, keeping them there is another. In fact, companies with a significantly low employee turnover are far more attractive to top quality candidates, simply because a low staff turnover is a strong indicator of a great workplace culture that everyone aspires to be part of.

We like to touch base with our candidates to get a feel for whether they’re enjoying the position we’ve placed them in, if they feel they’ve settled in well, and even how they feel about their new colleagues and so forth. This is a great opportunity for us to listen to the ways in which companies go above and beyond to really settle in new employees but to also drive job satisfaction in the long term.

We receive some great feedback from our candidates that really shows what it takes to keep a workforce happy and more to the point, committed to stay. Here are some key pointers from what we learnt:

  1. Create a happy, likeable workplace. Things like great communication, reward schemes and team building days can all contribute towards creating a happier place to work. Also things like appraisals and ensuring your employees are on the right salary is highly important. As is the way in which you encourage your employees to treat one another. Studies have shown that employees have in fact left positions due to impolite co-workers.
  2. Encourage employee interaction and collaboration. A company that promotes fun and laughter will get more out of their employees than a business that prefers employees to sit quietly at their desks, churning through work. Getting the right balance is key to creating a nice working environment.
  3. Remember the little things. Simple things like remembering an employee’s birthday or asking how their daughter’s first school play went can really show that you care, on both a business level but also personal. This sort of interaction will help to strengthen working relationships and increase loyalty.
  4. Make sure you cover the basics. Little things that may seem less important are actually very crucial to keeping staff happy. For example, making sure desks are kitted out with the right equipment. Paying attention to what employees need in order to do their job with ease and most effectively will result in lower work-related stress (one of the primary reasons why employees choose to leave a job).
  5. Treat employees like you would your clients. Happy employees that feel respected, appreciated and valued are likely to dedicate many years to a company.

High employee turnover can prove to be very costly for a business, both financially but in terms of reputation. In order to maintain consistency and develop a valuable, highly skilled workforce, it’s important to try and make your workplace a wonderful place to be. You’ll notice levels of absenteeism and productivity also start to improve!

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