The biggest recruitment challenges facing today’s HR professionals

24 October 2019

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Generally speaking, HR professionals are often under quite a lot of pressure, from dealing with complaints through to creating and maintaining a rewarding employee culture. Despite the varied nature of a typical HR role, we think it’s quite possibly fair to say that the biggest challenges faced by HR professionals today are heavily related to recruitment. When we started writing this blog, we could think of quite a few, however they all centred around the following three things…

  1. The pressure of urgency – HR professionals tend to be under a great deal of pressure to fill available positions almost instantaneously due to a lack of internal resource or business leaders making late hiring decisions. Now, we all know that talented employees can’t just be plucked out of thin air and we also know that in order to guarantee that candidates are the perfect match for a business (and to save making a costly bad hire) there are several key and mandatory stages of recruitment that mustn’t be ignored, making it highly difficult to hire anywhere near as fast as business leaders may want and expect.
  1. Creating a culture everyone wants to be a part of – As an employer, your business culture needs to be attractive to an applicant in order for them to want to become a part of it. It’s up to HR professionals to help build and maintain this culture, ensuring that potential candidates are intrigued and not put off. A business that has a thriving employee culture is often one that many applicants will want to join, putting additional pressure on HR professionals to make sure that culture exists and evolves.
  1. Retaining existing employees – Finding the best employees for your business is one thing, keeping them there is another. It’s up to HR professionals, but also to management teams, to ensure that employees remain happy in their roles and one of the best ways to do this is to reward their achievements and commitments to the business. Retaining employees is crucial as the longer a member of staff is with a company, the more skilled, informed and valuable they become. Unhappy employees, on the other hand, are likely to leave, causing HR professionals to then go through lengthy hiring procedures all over again.

We work with HR professionals on a daily basis, whether putting forward suitable candidates for a position they’re currently recruiting for or to simply gain feedback from a candidate interview to then report back – either way, our purpose is to relieve the typical pressures of hiring and to assist with sourcing the most suitable and talented individuals.

If you’re looking for a recruitment consultancy to partner with and to support your recruitment activities, why not read through some of the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

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