5 simple ways to transform your CV

18 September 2020

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Your CV is your ticket to the job you want and as the first thing that will fall into the hands of a recruiter or an employer, you want to make sure that you do yourself, your skillset and your experience justice!

We’ve been looking at CV’s for quite some time here at SFR and so we know all too well what makes a great CV stand out, and what makes a poor CV become lost in the mix. So, we thought we’d put together 5 general CV improving recommendations that are probably worth looking into, especially if you’ve not been getting your desired response from recruiters.

  1. Simplify. Recruiters have lots of CV’s to churn through and so the easier your CV is to read, while also being engaging, the more the recruiter will be able to understand your background and what you have to offer. Don’t complicate it by repeating paragraph after paragraph or using overly complex sentence structure and terminology. Break it down into bullet-points and bitesize blocks of information that is also in a readable font type and suitable size.
  2. Adapt it. It’s likely that every position that you apply for will differ in some way. Tailoring your CV to suit the job description or person specification, identifying areas where you are particularly suitable will increase your chances of a call back. Not only are you making it easier for the recruiter or employer to clearly see your suitability, you’re also showing that you’ve taken the time to understand the role and what’s required.
  3. Proofread. Check your CV for typos as a simple, unintentional error will not be all that impressive to someone that’s got 100 CV’s to explore. Particularly if you’re applying for a job that lists ‘attention to detail’ as a requirement, you want to make sure that you are backing up your skills with your CV as your prime example.
  4. Quality content. Make sure your CV lists everything unique about you. Think about what might make you a little different to other applicants, even if it’s not necessary work related. Perhaps you went travelling and learnt something valuable along the way. Also, don’t be afraid to include any internships or charity work.
  5. Evolve it. Your CV should continue to develop as your career does. If you undertake new responsibilities at work, that’s something to add to your CV. If you’re made supervisor of a team, that’s something to add also. If you’ve contributed towards your employer winning an award, that too is definitely worth mentioning. Remember to keep updating it as you progress, that way you’re less likely to forget anything crucial at a later date.

At SFR, we’re much more than just recruiters. Yes, our goal is to help our clients find the very best candidates that will contribute towards the success of their businesses, BUT we’re also extremely dedicated to you, the candidates that we work with, ensuring that we play our part in helping you to secure the ideal job by having all of the necessary foundations in place, including a brilliant CV.

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