Why using a specialist recruitment agency in your job search can be advantageous…

13 July 2020

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The job hunting process can take up a lot of time. We’re talking searching through job vacancies, updating your CV, tailoring your cover letter, filling out application forms, preparing for interviews and then finally attending them – there’s no wonder so many people choose to remain in jobs they’re not completely satisfied with, simply because they haven’t the time to look for something new.

That’s the benefit of specialist recruitment agencies, well one of many benefits actually. Whilst being completely free for candidates to use, they’re able to take a great deal of the pressure off and assist with some of the job hunting tasks, including helping to find what’s right for you. By providing thorough support and guidance throughout the entire process, recruitment agencies are just as useful for candidates as they are for their clients.

If you’ve been meaning to move on from your current position but haven’t the time to invest in searching for your next venture, here’s just a few reasons why you may want to consider utilising a specialist recruitment agency;

  • To help narrow the search – Recruitment agencies have a range of positions that they’re currently recruiting for, but they’re also going to be recruiting for a lot more positions in the near future too. Get in touch with the right agency that recruits in your particular field and let them know what it is you’re looking for. Specify things like company type, job role, salary expectations and location. That way, the agency can keep you informed as and when something crops up that ticks all of your boxes. If you’ve already formed a relationship with a recruiter, let them know you’re looking again, they’ll be able to help and what’s more, they already know quite a bit about you.
  • To provide support from start to end Skilled recruiters know what their clients are looking for. They therefore have heaps of knowledge that they can share with you, from improving your CV, down to preparing for the interview – we call these our value added services. Recruiters will also know whether you’d be a suitable fit for any of their clients from your initial conversations which will save a great deal of time and disappointment in the long run.
  • To provide constructive feedback – Let’s face it, not all interviewees receive the feedback that they deserve following interviews. However, if the interview was setup via a recruitment agency, it’s highly unlikely they’ll leave you in the lurch. A good recruitment agency will let you know if you were successful or not. They’ll also let you know what the client liked about you and possibly areas where they felt needed a little bit of improvement. This feedback will allow you to better prepare yourself for next time.
  • To negotiate your salary – Recruiters have your interests at heart and are therefore able to ensure that you’re given the correct compensation for the role that you are serving. This isn’t something we’d all feel comfortable in doing ourselves, nor would it come across very professional, so let the recruiter take care of this part for you.

Building a relationship with a specialist recruiter will not only be helpful in your current job search – it will also come in handy down the line too, should you decide to switch roles again at a later date or even find yourself in a senior position where your actually on the opposite side of the spectrum seeking new talented individuals to join your team!

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